Pneumatic moles are air-powered, underground piercing tools designed for precision boring under surface obstructions such as roads, railways, runways, driveways, and cart paths. They create a straight, compacted hole suitable for a variety of underground installations.

Underground moles/hole hogs are a major part of our trenchless installation equipment. Our piercing tools range in various sizes from 1.75”-4” for the standard water service line replacement. This system can also be used for the installation of any conduit, including electrical and data. There are two types of moles we use depending on the soil conditions.
After the new hole is bored we then attach the pipe to the machine and pull the new pipe through. As with our other methods we always call in the utility locate and verify the location of all utilities before any work commences.

We use our standard mole for normal soil conditions and the active head moles for rocky soil conditions. This technique typically utilizes a small entry and exit pit that allows us to place the mole to the correct depth and pitch shooting a hole underground.

This method is extremely versatile and has a wide range of applications making this the preferred choice for most residential applications.