FAQ By Homeowners

Below a few of the FAQ’s we have encountered, please feel free to email us at questions@schafermechanical.com

My water tastes like chlorine

A: Many homeowners and businesses’ would like to have better tasting water. Schafer Mechanical installs only 3M water filters. Whether you want a whole building solution or just point of use, we can help.

I have an older home and would love to have high effeciency air conditioning and heat, but dont want to destroy the charm of my home with large ducts.Toggle title

Schafer Mechanical installs Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless systems. These units offer high efficiency, energy savings for the owner and great comfort with minimal intrusion into the living space. They also offer better control, since every unit/space has an individual thermostat and remote control for comfort adjustment.