SMS Now Installs Tankless Water Heates in Cape May County!

Does your household use water in the amounts that your heater can’t keep up with? Would you like to use your hot water without wasted energy for tank reheats? If your answewr to the question is “Yes”, then tankless water heater may be a great solution for you!

Constantly Flowing Hot Water Means Nice Long Showers

Tankless water heaters have some other names. The most common are “Endless Water Heater” , “Instantaneous” or “On-Demand Water Heater”. The most accurate description would be endless, because once you turn on the faucet, you receive hot water until you turn it off. Because it heats the water as it’s needed, as long as you have a cold water supply, the tankless water heater can turn it into hot water instantly. They are perfect for homes where a lot of hot water is needed, especially in homes where there are a lot of showers taken in the morning, or if you just like to fill that big tub.

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