If you’re building a new house or replacing the aging pipes in your existing home, consider the benefits of a Pex plumbing system. It acts as a central system for the domestic water in your house. It channels water from your well or your city via pex piping, to the kitchen faucet or bathroom shower head or wherever the water needs to go. For each plumbing fixture, there’s a separate, dedicated delivery line.

The result is an energy-efficient, cost-saving plumbing system that reduces water waste and performs even better than many traditional systems. A Pex manifold comes with three water intake ports and anywhere from 14 to 36 distribution ports, which hook up to either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch distribution lines. Each color-coded port (red for hot, blue for cold) has its own dedicated shut-off valve, giving you complete control over the plumbing system from one central location. PEX tubing allows for faster and more-efficient water flow.

The ManaBloc is designed so that fixtures that have lower water volume requirements can be served by tubes that have a smaller diameter. This flexibility saves water and, by extension, saves the homeowner money.