Is your home still being served by the outdated HVAC equipment that consumes way too much energy comparing to new high efficient equipmen? Shafer Mechanical Services can replace your old unit with high efficient one!
Repacement installations performed by Schafer Mechanical Services are based on Heating and Cooling load calculations which will provide you, the owner with most efficient and adequately selected replacement equipment based on your facility needs. We will replace your outdated unit whose SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) might be 8 or 10 with new high efficient unit that can qualify you for energy rebates from local utility companies (16-19 SEER which can save you between 40 and 55% of your utility bill!) We are proud to offer you high efficiency furnaces and heat pumps and split type air conditioners, by leading domestic manufacturers as well as even more efficient ductless mini splits with whose SEER goes to even 27!

Regardless of solution we recommend for you, rest assured that your new unit will be installed unit replacement we recommend and install will be seamlessly installed in your current installation.

So if you are a planing a retrofit project, give us a call now!