Schafer Mechanical Maintenance Services

We all know that no machines are not perfect and that they can break down. Better built machines brake less, while machines of lower quality break more often. But do you know that 75% of HVAC equipment failures caould have been avoided with preventive maintenance!

Ceiling Cassette Split Unit!

Shafer Mechanical Services are well versed in installation of ductless mini split systems.

Schafer Mechanical Services recommends to our customers very attractive Periodic Preventive Maintenance and Seasonal Inspections packages.

Our Preventative air conditioning maintenance from includes following:

  • Check, and clean condenser coils
  • Check and replace filters
  • Test the compressor operation
  • Lubricate fan motors
  • Inspect operating pressures
  • Check Freon levels

We will report to you any areas of concern so you are aware of the operational state of the unit. If you determine that air conditioning repair or an air conditioner replacement is needed, our team can design and install the energy efficient unit which will provide operational savings and turn into a good investment on your end.

For more information regarding our HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance and Service Contracts Options, make sure to visit that section of our site.

If you would like to schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment, please contact SMS today!